BYC & sister site's Trivia Challenge Hunt—Game Over!


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1. Ready, set, go...find the very first post on BYC! (Post a link to it) Casportpony
2.Who has posted 33 items with links for items that can be bought for chickens? (link to member's profile page) HeavenHens88
3.Find the recipe article for Momma Heating Pad's pretty deviled eggs. BantyChooks
4.Where could I buy a magnetic bumber sticker that says "My Pet Makes Me Breakfast?" (link) BantyChooks
5.Find the link to the most recently uploaded picture in the "Eggs" gallery. (may change/check the day of) BantyChooks
6.Who is the 5th listed staff member? (link to their profile page) BantyChooks
7. How many articles are in the goat category on BantyChooks
8.What is the title of the thread that was started on April 14, 2007 in the Predators & Pests forum? (words) HeavenHens88 this year for my chickens
9. How many members have between 300-399 photos uploaded into an album? (# answer) :pop BantyChooks 51
10.Find the link to the Picture of the Week on TEG. BantyChooks
11.How many posts were posted in the year 2016? Casportpony
12.Find the second post in the first thread started by Nifty-Chicken.BantyChooks
13.How many threads are in the Meat Bird ETC forum? (# answer) Cyprus 13,990
14.Which sub-section in the Livestock on the Homestead forum section on SS has the most discussions? Post link to the section and the number of discussions.Cyprus 586
Who is in Texas and has a birthday today? (User name or link to profile page)

At the time of this hunt the above answers were correct...some may change with time.

The Trivia Challenge Hunt will begin at 5 PM EST today, Sunday 9/2/18

Winner will be awarded a 3 month Premium Feather Membership, you can use it yourself or gift it to someone else.

MOST OF THE QUESTIONS WILL BE TO FIND ANSWERS HERE ON BYC, there will be a couple (3) questions for our three sister sites:

A few tips and rules:

1. Open 2 or 3 windows, the questions will all be posted right here on post #1 (you will be asked to post links as answers to some questions.)

2. Please number your answers so I can more easily find them and tally the score.

3. One point for the correct answer - thats it.

4. No editing your post, once you've answered - thats it, no more answers. If you change your mind you can post again. Edited posts will not count.

5. One question will be posted at a time, whoever answers first wins the point. Whoever wins the most points WINS!!

6. Have FUN.... and good luck.
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