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We're happy to announce a few new, and a few returning sponsors here at BYC:



A huge thanks to these sponsors for all they do. Having sponsors for BYC:

1) Keeps the forum free for everyone
2) Allows us to add new features
3) Provides us with resources to keep the forum super fast, secure & stable... even with 50 new signups and 2,500 new posts PER DAY!
4) Allows us give out awards and prizes for the many fun BYC sponsored games and contests.

Please take a moment to visit the sites of our sponsors and thank them for sponsoring BYC, especially if you decide to make a purchase.

Keep your eyes open for some exciting announcements to come as a result of the new sponsors.
for our sponsors!
Sponsors deserve a big thank you for supporting the best chicken forum on the net and paving the way for this forum to get better in the future.

As a side note. When you deal with the sponsors, tell them you saw them on BYC!

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