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    I'm wondering if anyone else on the board has a very small-statured hubby with this sweatshirt and how it fits him?

    I'd like to order my husband this one:

    The smallest size is Large...and my husband is currently wearing mediums in hoodies and smalls in tees. I'm just wondering if he would drown in this or if it would fit him? (I'm not sure how they fit and I can't find measurements).

    He found the saying on the sweatshirt very amusing and his favorite color is I know he'd like it (just don't know about fit).

    Thank you in advance.[​IMG]
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    My husband is shorter also and loves his. He does have to roll up the sleeves a bit.

    The thing with hoodies is that it doesn't matter if it is a bit too large. You can layer your clothes better and they are more comfy. I don't thing a medium to a large is a huge stretch and if you wash it warm water, it will likely shrink a bit.

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