BYC Trivia Challenge! February 6, 2011 - Win a free GFM!


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On Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 6 pm PST we will have our Official "BYC Trivia Challenge"!

1st Place: 6 Month Golden Feather Membership (for you or a friend)

This contest will send you on a hunt to various parts of BYC and our sister sites!
A few tips and rules:

1. Open 2 or 3 windows (or use tabbed browsing if you have it). Keep one window open to the contest and use the other windows to search for your answers. The questions will all be posted right here in post #1. (You will be asked to post links, also known as URLs, as answers to some questions).

2. Don’t post pictures or custom smilies, and only one or two regular smilies if you really must (we do not want to slow anyone down).

3. Please number your answers so we can more easily find them and tally the score.

4. One point for the correct answer – that’s it.

5. Don’t edit your post once you've answered – that’s it, no more answers. If you change your mind you can post again. Edited posts will not count.

6. One question will be posted at a time with three minutes in between each posted question. Whoever answers first with the correct answer will win the point. Whoever wins the most points WINS the prize!!

7. Have FUN.... and good luck! ^_^

To check your time zone:

Oh, and please note: We're going to try to do these on the first Sunday of every month! So, mark your calendars!


1) What is the average age a chicken will start laying eggs?
26 weeks Cindiloohoo

2) How long do baby chicks need to be under a heat source?
Until fully feathered Coltssuperbowl

3) Post a link with instructions on how to upload and post pictures. Jen Eric Farms

4) Post the link of the thread by Speckledhen that shows the difference between a fertile and infertile egg. Rio Lindo AZ

5) Post a link to the page in the BYC Learning Center that shows information about adding new chickens to an existing flock: … your-flock Blue Myst
6) In the Raising Baby Chicks forum, post the link to the Notable Topic Index. Blue Myst

7) Post a link to the How to Save Energy forums on Sufficient Self. Barker Chickens

8) Post the link to the Worst predator poll by Opa. Blue Myst

9) Post a link to the “What Are You Canning Now?” thread. eenie 114

10) Post a link to the Coloring Book Contest Voting thread. Blue Myst

11) Post the link where you have or will show off your first egg. Rio Lindo AZ

12) Which moderator is a Teacher?
The Chicken Lady. Rio Lindo AZ

13) Find and post the History of BYC. Rio Lindo AZ

14) Find and post the link for how many eggs did you get today? Eenie 114

15) Find and post the link for some causes of early chick mortality. punkyrooster

16) Post the link to Speckledhen's Ten Commandments of Good Flock Management. punkyrooster

17) Post the link to Mahonri’s 2nd Annual Easter Hatch. Blue Myst

18) Post a link to the Chicken Glossary in the Learning Center. Rio Lindo AZ

19) Post a link to the BYC Breeds page. punkyrooster

20) Post a link to the Raised Bed pics from TheEasyGarden. eenie114

AND THE WINNERS ARE................... BLUE_MYST and RIO_LINDO_AZ!!!! Congratulations! ITS A TIE!!!!!
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