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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
I've been meaning to do this for awhile. There has so many BYCers that I am thankful for; folks that have helped me grow, both as a chickenkeeper and a person. I want to thank the folks that have blessed me so richly.

Speckledhen and Tuffoldhen - They taught me everything I needed to know about raising chickens and then some. They kept me calm when I was sure my chickens world was ending.
CityGirlintheCountry, Happy Chooks, Redhen, HorsefeathersNV, and Kooshie for their friendship.
Gryeyes - for supporting me and the rescue birds as we travel along an unfamiliar path.
Ridgerunner - for making me use my mind for more than just babbling.
Writerofwords - she knows why.
Ranchhand - for not taking me seriously when I'm a grumpy old biddy.
Curliet- for her undying support.
easttxchick - she knows why.
And last, but certainly not least, Imp for the smiles I get each time I read his posts.

This list is by no means complete. I just felt the need to thank these folks and offer them my wish that their lives will be filled with blessings in the same way that they have blessed mine.
Thanks. I go out of my way to read your posts. They are fun, they are interesting, you can never tell what they are going to be about, and you give me some great straight lines.

Wishing you the best, but you knew that.
How sweet of you. Thank you! I love reading your postings, they always put a smile on my face or give me a giggle!
Aw, thank you, Kat. Glad I could help. You've given me many a chuckle here on BYC. Thanks for your humor and creativity! There are many folks who I am blessed to know from BYC, most I never would have had the chance to know if not for this forum.
Such a nice thing to tell the people listed and the ones NOT listed also!!! I read everyone of your posts Grit, because like the other poster said, you never know what you are going to read. Guess that makes you like the box of Chocolates that Forrest Gump talks about!!
I wish I could have remembered everyone this afternoon, but alas I'm tired (from the neverending coop build #2) and a bit gritty.
I enjoy y'all too, noodle and WW.

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