Ended BYC's 2021 Spooktacular Halloween Hatch-Along—Trick or Treat & Count These Things that are Good to Eat—How Many M & M's?

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Aug 8, 2019
Happily caught in the 'Denton vortex', Tx
My Coop
My Coop
I love Tetris!
Very…… very…… addictive….

but, oh so productive when applied to all things in life.

A) attics
b) basements
C) coop
D) dead space
E) engine bay
F) filing cabinets
G) Garage space
H) hutch’s
I) intranet spaces
J) junk drawers
K) kiln firing spaces
L) lavatory spaces
M) motorcycle cubbies
N) night stand
O) ovens (when baking a lot)
P) Packing suitcases & minivan for roadtrip
Q) quagmires
R) rack spacing
S) storage units
T) travel trailers & toolboxes
U) underwear drawer
V) velvet underground
W) well house
X) xanadu murals
Y) yurts
Z) zero lot line yards

this is one time I will say I have leveled up over the last 30 years to have family routinely call me a Tetris master.
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