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Jan 8, 2011
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There have been so many posts on BYC that I have found funny, touching, or shocking. I thought it would be nice to have a collection dedicated to all of those who made BYC worth reading in 2011.

I have selected a few of my favorites to get things started.

Spookwriter is always ready to protect our younger BYC girls from prowling teenage boys
Yeah Kid, this site is just the place to be trolling for chicks...

Better tell your parents you need to hear "that talk" again.
Wrong kind of chick, boy...

Another post from Spookwriter that made me laugh.
Bigfoot, Skunk ape...makes no real difference.

In the South, we deep fry everything we's the rules.

Sourland discussing why his wife was angry with him after he dropped a jar of cherries.
Well, I can't say that I didn't mean to say it, because I really did and it was extremely creative. Actually it was such a good/bad word that I may have to patent it.

A quote from our dearly missed Ranchhand. She was responding to a member asking how her haircut looked.
The question is not what a bunch of us think- the question is do YOU like it?
I think it looks fine, but I don't look in your mirror every day!

Which posts have stuck in your mind over the last year?​
I remember this.

I swear, there were many more epic ones, but I'm going to have to dig out my journals as my memory does not stretch that far back.
Would it surprise anybody if I said that Em wrote the one
line I'll never forget. Ask me in a hundred years...and I'll know
the line. I'll not share it tonight, for you would laugh at me. But
she knows I have it tucked away in my heart.

Favorite thread? What a hard question. There has been so many
really great threads here this year. And each one of us has been
a part of that, whether it was to post or even just to read along

A bunch of individuals who, together, make this wonderful site what
it is. For some members, our posts number in the thousands. Perhaps
others, their first posts.

But only together, do we make this site what it is.

Spook...who enjoys every post.

I don't remember the precise quote, but she recently said something to the effect of, "I don't care if it pees, I want a fox! It can pee on [insert BYCer whose name escapes me]."

Then, of course, there's this one from a recent PM from Eenie...

"It's a miracle!" - referring to my making it to 2012 without gettting in trouble.
Oh, I wish I could remember who posted and the exact quote, but there was a pregnant gal who was making eggs and they were from the store, and she burst out crying "I cannot eat eggs that taste like chicken misery" or soemthing very close to that. I could not stop laughing at that one! Not that it isn't trrue, just that she said it!

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