Bye Bye Brinsea.


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
I bought a Brinsea Octagon 20 EX Advanced in April. It's been in continuous use since about April 24th.

I have hatched ducks, turkeys, button and Coturnix quail ever since then.

Despite the fact that I'm getting about 5-6 button quail and 5-6 Coturnix eggs every day, I cleaned it up and packed it away for the winter.

I know people in milder climates, and even some in cold weather climates, incubate all winter, but it just seems like it would be awfully difficult keeping babies in the winter, when it would HAVE to be indoors.

But, next spring, I want to do GEESE!
lol I unplugged my Brinsea Ova Easy 190 after my last hatch. Actually, I don't mind having babies in the winter....I just want to be able to go away for a few days! It's too difficult when I have a list of "these chicks get this food, these chicks get that" lol If they're all old enough to be on layer, then I'm good to go! Fill up 1 feeder and done.
I cant stand having to pack up the bator, so I clean it but leave it on the counter ready to go just in case
The plugs come out of the wall? Just like that? No horrible screams of "NO!!!!"?? Huh.

Tonight I'm unpacking a brand new incubator (Brinsea, of course), setting it up, and loading it with eggs.

....hmmmm... I may have to stop somewhere and get a surge protector power strip.......

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