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Bye Bye little ones ....xoxo

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Barn Mama, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Barn Mama

    Barn Mama In the Brooder

    Got home today, and my dog killed my chicks....sooooooo mad. My 3 day old I found on the floor, the other two I can't find them anywere no sign them at all, so I dont know if my dog ate them ...kind of hard to belive...I have a minatue winer dog and one chick was a month old ...almost the size of the dog and the other was 2 weeks old , but no blood, no feathers...nothing . we serched all over the house no sign of them?:(

  2. Search EVERYWHERE! What room were they in?
  3. kacklinkelly

    kacklinkelly Songster

    Oct 12, 2012
    Southwest Desert
    Sounds like possibly may be hiding somewhere and petrified. Not likely the dog would eat feathers and all with no residual signs.
    Can you put the dog up somewhere so the chicks don't hear it? Seems like if they survived & if they are hiding, they will eventually
    start peeping for food/water. I sure hope they were able to hide.

    I have had a few close calls with our dog. She is normally so mellow. She is 13, has one eye, can hardly get up the stairs and on borrowed time (has cancer). However, when the chicks are out and about, this dog gets energy I haven't seen in years. I had to grab her away the other day but she got a tail feather before I did. I love the energy bursts the chicks have given our old girl. But this predator behavior is so surprising. (Not really when I'm not in denial - she is shepard/collie mix) Wishing you the best.
  4. Barn Mama

    Barn Mama In the Brooder

    Oh we looked everywere under stuff, in stuff....at times i thought i could here them peep butwas it just in my head? I would fallow the sound and nothing...but i don't understand my 2 week old has shoes on his feet and had a hard time walking?
  5. What type of room? Living room, laundry room, kitchen, etc? Need to know... I've had these troubles too! Know he exclusive areas they can hide! Haha! Lol
  6. Barn Mama

    Barn Mama In the Brooder

    I have an open concept home, the were in the kitchen that is tight to a bathroom, basement stairs, livingroom and the hallway.....I pulled everyting out of the pantry, even the boxes out of the recylcling box.
  7. Malibu99

    Malibu99 Crowing

    Apr 23, 2012
    Cape Cod, Massachusetts
    Put some chicken food on the floor- that might coax them out. Or put their favorite treat. If they are still there, they'll come out once they feel safe.

  8. OK, one way ive lost chicks in my house was

    • Got inside a bag of clothes, etc.
    • under and in the back of the fridge ( just pull fridge away from wall and it will reveal them )
    • in the dryer ( get behind the dryer.. Every dryer has this hole on the back left... My kittens used to squeeze into there )
    • In a box of things
    • under a couch or into it ( take all pillows off couches inspect them... If theres a tear under the couch they could jump into it )
    • under desks, chairs, tables, etc.
  9. The Lazy L

    The Lazy L Songster

    Dec 16, 2011
    Your dog did what dogs do.

    Son had just purchase a pickup truck, was working two jobs and rented a bedroom in a house full of males.

    Son put the truck title, insurance and sale tax paid proof on the coffee table while he ate breakfast. He's plan was to stop at the license bureau between jobs and get a license plate.

    He forgot the paper work so on his way to his second job he went home to get it. Room mate's dog had eaten all of the papers except a small corner of the title. Son was MAD and disciplined the dog.

    Then a few days later he got a speeding ticket and his truck was impounded for no registration, he was MAD at the LEO.

    When I heard the story I told the Son why did you leave important papers lay where a dog can get it because dogs do what dogs do!

    Allowing a dog to have free and unsupervised access to chickens is not in the best interest of the chickens.
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  10. Barn Mama

    Barn Mama In the Brooder

    Thanks you guys, but I found them this morning dead. [​IMG]

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