Bye chickens :(

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    Nov 11, 2008
    That's right, I'm getting rid of my chickens [​IMG] they're 4 hens and 1 rooster. I will miss them, but it's the right humane thing to do [​IMG]. I got them from ideal poultry last year and they're great layers, but someone called my aunt if they had any laying hens available that they could sell...they didn't, but I did. I would've never known about chickens if it wasn't for my aunt [​IMG] she gave me my first chickens waaaay back about 3-4 years ago because city told her to get rid of her chickens so she gave them to me [​IMG] I mean they're still illegal where I live (we live in the same city state just a few blocks away [​IMG] ) but somehow city lets me keep them [​IMG] Well as the years passed I lost all of my chickens due to predators (dogs, chickens and neighbors) except for my rooster, blue. He was my first rooster and I still have him after all those attacks [​IMG] sadly in one of the attacks his comb got really bad and we had to cut it off because it seem that he was suffering. He still lives with me [​IMG] he's outside right now, but there's NO WAY I'm going to give that rooster away [​IMG] the other rooster is the one I'm giving away [​IMG] The reason I said "'s the right humane thing to do.." is because if I didn't re-home them fast...they would've been culled because we have no more space for chickens [​IMG] There's a small coop adjacent to my big hens coop...where my chicks live [​IMG] I needed to re-home my big birds because I'm only going to raise bantams from here and on and there wasn't enough space. So bye bye chickens [​IMG] I will miss you all.
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    OH NO!!! I don't think I could ever get rid of a chicken, unless it was mean.
    Here in the country I don't have to worry about space, so I'd hate being in your position [​IMG]

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