C-c-c-cold in Kansas! Little House holding up okay.

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    We wrapped the run in plastic, leaving the top open for air. DH put a roof on the top of the run, based loosely on the "playhouse" design. The savannah playhouse has insulated foam boards in the walls and the roof. The girls seem to be holding up okay - our highs this week might make 20. Last night's snow wasn't as bad as Christmas Eve ... had drifts halfway up the little house door. I know many of you have it worse, but we are SO not used to this much frigid weather all at once! How are the rest of you holding up?


  2. You've done a lovely job and your birds look very comfortable. We're been through a wet Nor'Easter, what a mess. We have slush rather than snow. Our birds are cold-hardy, bought locally and I know you don NOT expect the same weather as us. You've done really well! [​IMG]


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    They look very happy and warm .You did a great job and hats off to your DH.
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    Checked out your coop further on your coop page...how adorable! And your girls looks happy in their winterized run. Two weeks ago I would have thought myself crazy longing for the 30s...but have been happy to hit the 20s over the past few days. I don't know who's looking more forward to spring, me or my girls.

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