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    I will not ship, I just put a price there b/c they wouldn't accept anything else.

    ETA- and here is the pic that does not appear above-

    My feed bill is way too high and I'm downsizing my flock. For more info and more pics of these birds please PM or email me. Thanks.

    Bantams for sale:
    -Molly the brahma mutt hen. She has a brahma body, but slighty slimmer than a brahma. She is a nice buff color and her feathers are very sleek. Her tail is black and the sickles are laced with gold. She has lightly feathered legs and a light necklace of black spots around her neck. She is $10
    -Ivory the white OEGB hen. She is very calm and friendly and is an excellent forager, and she has gone broody before. $7
    -Galileo the Porcelain Dutch bantam rooster. His feathers are a bit ragged, but they are a beautiful porcelain color. He is not aggressive. $0
    -Vienna the Red Pyle OEGB rooster. He is aggressive with strangers, but never towards me. He is hilarious to watch, and he is very beautiful. He's really a cutie, and so small! He's $0
    -Henry the Brahma mutt rooster. He has never been aggressive, and he is really a joy to have. He has a light brahma body, but much slimmer. His hackles and Saddle feathers are yellowish, and the rest is white. He stands tall and proud, and he is calm and rarely crows. $5

    Large Fowl for sale:
    -Heidi the Lakenvelder mutt hen. She is buff and has a black tail, and a light black necklace. She is half bantam, so she's rather small, but she has a lakenvelder's body: sweeping and graceful, with a longish tail held low. SHe is very calm and gentle. $10
    -Clara the Buff Orp hen. She is old and no longer lays, but she's calm, loveable, gentle, and sweet. $5
    -Artemis the Red Shoulder Yokohama. She has a tall, beautiful, gamey, Malay-like body, and is very sweet and calm. Though she rarely lays, she is very broody, and is very motherly. $10
    -Venice the Yokohama mutt rooster that is shown in the photo. He has the Yokohama body, with a long, low, sweeping tail covered with an abundance of flowing long sickles and saddle feathers. He is still young, so his tail has yet to grow. He has a basic red pyle color on his back, in addition to the stunning streaks of deep red, brown, orange, and black covering his body. I call it "Splash Pyle yokohama" and I will use his brother to further develop it. He is $10

    Again, Please PM or email me for more info and photos.
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