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    Feb 22, 2009
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    I have two beautiful Black Copper Marans chicks for sale.

    Purchased from a terrific breeder in Shelby, Iowa, (NPIP certified), these chicks are from Wade Jeane, Davis and Presley lines. There definately may be show quality birds here, however I am a backyard fancier and do not show myself.

    Marans originated in Marans, France, and are said to lay the darkest brown egg of all domesticated fowl: they're called "chocolate" eggs. There are several varieties of Marans, but I have heard that Black Copper Marans lay the darkest of them all.

    These chicks hatched from mahogany colored eggs and may be feathered or clean legged birds. They hatched on 3/20 and have been raised by Tango (a Cuckoo Marans) and myself. They are just over a month old, have most of their feathers in and are large birds. They live outdoors with a warm coop at night and have had a good diet of fruits, vegetables and chick crumbles.

    Only 2 straight run chicks left - $12.00 each ... local pick up only please - Saratoga, CA (1 hr. south of SF near San Jose).

    I also have 9 beautiful straight run MILLE FLEUR LEGHORN chicks available. Hatched 4/20 from Sand Hill Preservation Center. These babies will be gorgeous! Come buy some quick, please, before I keep them all for myself! ... $9.00/each

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