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  1. waterfowlrescue

    waterfowlrescue Songster

    Aug 24, 2007
    My name is Georgie and I am a Pet Rooster who needs a home

    Barbara Pierce
    7583 Hyssop Drive
    Etiwanda, CA 91739 Phone, day: 909-989-3972
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Georgie is a Rooster who comes to his name, eats out of our hands, crows for us to come out and play and wants to be held. He came to us by chance, over our back fence, and into our (unzoned) yard and into our hearts. We have fallen so in love with him, but the animal control was called about his crowing. We are broken hearted over this. I have been told that if he is put with other Roos they might hurt or even kill him, because he acts more like a dog than a Roo. He needs to play with people, he has never been in a coup. He sleeps in a 30 ft. tree each night. Please help us find a home for Georgie before they take him. He is a doll and he thinks we are his mama and papa.

    Thanks, Georgie's Mom and Pop
    Greg and Barb Pierce
    Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.
  2. yearofthedog

    yearofthedog Songster

    Jun 1, 2007
    Georgie sounds like a DOLL! I wish for a roo, but alas, I'm still in the city!! I'll be hoping [​IMG] and praying that he finds a great home!!
  3. homecatmom

    homecatmom Songster

    I'm so sad you have to get rid of him. I am just over the hill from you in West Covina and we can't have them either. Check with one of the feed stores out your way and they may even take him. I do know that they have several free ranging roosters at Whittier Narrows Equestrian Center off the 605 at Peck. Perhaps relocation is an option?
  4. quiltymare

    quiltymare Chirping

    Feb 3, 2007
    Central Washington
    I feel for you. I just moved to Washington from Cypress, CA. I used to keep my Serama roosters in the garage... but even that was touchy.

    Is there a rancho or educational farm anywhere near you? Even if you have to drive down to one of the ones on the coast, maybe one would like to have him since he's so friendly. I had one like that 5 years ago that found a home with an older lady... but he almost went to Rancho Los Alamitos.

    Another place might be the living exhibits at the fairgrounds???

    Or, you could get him some diapers and keep him inside???
  5. waterfowlrescue

    waterfowlrescue Songster

    Aug 24, 2007
    Thanks everyone for the symapthies but I am just cross posting this chicken request to help it find a home.


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