CA Valley Quail Arrived... advice..

Discussion in 'Quail' started by texascowboy1979, May 26, 2010.

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    this is the 1st time i have recived baby quail... Ive got the heat lamp going and a water that was designed for quial... it bearly fits there heads... so they should be fine and not drow... I ordered 100 and i got 110... and 8 arrived dead so that leaves me with 102...

    I gave them some chick starter and half seem to wander the 55 gallon aquarium and the other half stay under the light
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    Mar 2, 2009
    Advice= Gamebird Starter. And Dont Set The Water Font Near Your Heat Source--- These Guys Are Lil Fuzzy Heat Seekers. You Dont Want Them Loitering About Near The Water Font--- Even The Quail Fonts. Water Is A Necessary Evil For Baby Quail, They Need To Drink, But They Need To Stay Dry--- Even If They Dont Actually Drown In The Water If They Get Wet They Will Likely Die From Hypothermia Dispite Your Heat Source! So, Keep The Water Font Away From The Heat So It Doesnt Get Warm And Attract Them--- When They Are Thirsty They Will Leave The Hot Zone And Come Over For A Drink, Then Return Back To The Hot Zone...

    Also A Nice Shiney Dime Or Nickle Placed On Top Of Your Food Dish Will Help Attract Their Attention--- Lay It Directly On The Food And As They Peck At The "pretty Shiney" They Will Get Food And Learn To Eat.... They're Not The Brightest Crayons In The Box As Babies... They Must Learn To Eat. Drinking Is Instinctual And Will Happen Naturally.

    Best Of Luck With Them, And Enjoy [​IMG]

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