Cabelas Plucker

Made and used the homesteading one last great. Will be using it again tomorrow. The cost was 10.00...........Seriously!!
I have 25 cornish chicks on order and this was one of the parts I was worrying about, so now I feel better. Now I just have to worry about being the one to do the deed when the time comes.
If you watch that video please understand that was my first time
using that plucker. You can tell if watch the whole video that each
birds gets easier. In the background on the truck bed you will see
the smaller one. I tried it once on a Ryobi drill and it was ok.

The bigger one runs off my buffer but will also run off a drill.

I bought parts to try a few ideas but haven't gotten to it yet. Been
too busy with coop stuff.

Best of luck.
I tried to make one like the on Cabelas sales, a cup type, but it did work to well. Of course I tried it on a BB bronze turkey. I don't think the one I made spun fast enough for the type of finger I was using. Since we are finished with broilers for the year I didn't have a chance to try it on any chickens. I use the bundgy cord fingers, maybe commercial fingers would have worked better.

I've know hunters that have used the Cabelas one and they say it works great for them. They have also used the drum type and like the drum type better. They used it on Pheasants.

With cornish the feathers are larger simular to a Turkeys, so I am pretty sure the cup type that cabelas sales won't work to well. The wing feathers and tail feathers may have to be plucked any way. You might consider the drum type rather then a cup type if you plan on using it for Cornish X's or turkeys.

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PC-do you have any pictures of this? i am having trouble with the video. my handsome and handy husband wants to build me a plucker and i am thinking this is a lot cheaper than a Whizbang type unit.

p.s. i have 200 birds to do in the next few months, you think this will do it?
MJ all I can say is it's a lot faster than hand plucking but nowhere near a whizbang.

If your hubby already has a power source like an automotive buffer then it will
cost very little to build. An electric drill will work too, just not as good.

12" x 4" PVC (Drain type, not schedule 40)
2 - 4" caps for the PVC
18" 5/8 threaded rod with nuts and washers
18" 3/8 threaded rod with nuts if using a drill to power it
Some 1x6 pine
12 Bungee cords - I bought mine for $.50 each at a discount store

I'll try and get some pics later.

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