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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by 6littlechickies, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Thinking of adding a cabinet incubator for next spring peachick incubation. I know a lot of pea folks use them, just wanted to get some opinions on brands (sportsman I've heard quite a bit but others?) and model. I saw a Sportsmans 1550 but can't seem to see how that differs from the 1502.

    No hurry on buying on, prob won't get one until winter or late fall anyway but wanted to get some opinions. Currently am using two Brinsea Eco20 but thinking a cabinet might be in our future. I plan to use them to actually hatch but looking for something a bit larger to do all the incubation.

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    I have them both the 1550 is a hatcher, it can be used as a bator but it does not have a turner.

    The 1502 is what i use for incubating, it has a turner,only has one hatching tray(corrugated plastic) on the bottom,so if you have a bator full of eggs and you want to use it as a hatcher also you will need to order some hatching trays unless you use the paper egg cartons.

    I do not recommend the reservoir for extra humidity, mine never worked right, i just use a one inch hose with a funnel and fill it from the air hole on the side of the bator,Better to spend that money on egg trays.

    Ps having a blond moment, you will need to order trays for the 1502 if you are going to use it for a hatcher, the turner is just a mesh shelf no sides ,so the babies will fall to the bottom if they are not in a tray.
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    I have 6 sportsman , and one is a hatcher. hatcher have no turners and 5 hatching trays. one hatcher will take care of 3 sportsman incubator.

    Talk to you later , may sell you a used one. I have over 12 incubators, all types.

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