Cackle Hatchery shipping prices?


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May 13, 2010
Hello everyone,

I am trying to place an order online for Cackle. Their catalog says that shipping is $15, and I know I paid that for 15 chicks last year. I am trying to order 20 chicks and the price for shipping started at $17 something and as I added chicks it is now up to $20.40 for shipping. Does anyone know if that is correct? Have they raised their shipping prices? I tried to call but got a busy signal, and you know how busy hatcheries are... I will probably not be able to get a hold of anyone there to answer my question. I might go w/ McMurray instead if Cackle's shipping is that high.


Under the FAQ I found the shipping prices cheaper... $6+ .12 a chick...?? But when it calculates at the bottom... it's more like $20??
I finally got through on the phone. She said they had to raise their shipping rates because the post office has raised rates a few times and they just couldn't sustain it any longer.
I really was very happy w/ Cackle, too. I just can't pay the same amount for shipping as I'm paying for the chicks.
I know, I'm in Missouri and could drive and pick-up the chicks,it would be a drive... so I reasoned it out that gas prices are sooooo high and it would take time & I would stop to get something to eat so I went a head and paid the shipping...I have 39 chicks coming Mar. 30th...I may come out a head ???????? but it still hurt
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Meyer Hatchery has cheap shipping. i ordered 25 chicks and the shipping was only $14.21. total order for 25 white leghorn female chicks was $61.21. my order should be at my post office by thursday morning. i ordered 2 weeks ago for a march 7th hatch.

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