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    You enter the girls outside yard by seeing the chair, umbrella and the "park bench".
    To the left you have the winter "solar porch", the wire is for security and the heavy plastic (you can still see on higher areas) is to give the girls more room in winter, notice the plastic hanging on the inside door, this is to keep the warmth from escaping in the winter when we open doors.
    The white door is storage for hay and grain bin.

    We only have 5 hens so the feeder is fine in the corner by the door. The waterer is set on 2 patio blocks under the nest box. As you see the girls really fluff up the shavings!
    Looking left is the roosts that are next to the window.
    Above the roosts is the "Queens Quarters". When we had King Louie, it was his quarters due to the harsh treading, when we bring in a new flock mate, we put them in here until they can be accepted.
    That is our coop, hope you enjoyed your tour!
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    Mar 20, 2007
    Very nice...lucky chickens! Enjoyed the tour!
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    Quote:Thank you, I hope to post more pics of their "free range" area, its finished and they are happy chickens.

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