Cage retaining diseases?

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    Jul 22, 2014
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    I own a small cage that is probably supposed to only house finches, but I will soon be using it as a temporary cage for a pair of button quails. My sole hen has been inside the cage at least twice before, but not a single time recently. The cage has been washed since my hen used it, and I have replaced the hay that was in the cage when my hen was in it, so would using the cage for the quails (as a temporary home) be safe, or might it still have a chance of hosting diseases from my hen (which would kill the quails)?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I don't know the wire of the cage nor if it is painted or not. But if you can mix up some bleach in warm water and wipe all of the wires, inside and out, take a brush to get in-between the wires. Once you are satisfied with your work, take it out in the sun and set it on something to keep it off from the ground and let it air dry, It won't hurt to turn it a time or two, but not required.

    This in my experience is as good as one can do at home. Bleach and sunshine can take care of a lot of things. If you do this, or have done it, you should be good to go. Short of steam cleaning with pressure, this is all that should be required.

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