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    I searched for these and finally found a very economical cage waterer that secures to the outside of a cage, like you use for rabbits, but with a small dish that gets filled.
    Well I ordered 2 packs of 12 (24) and started getting cokes while I waited.
    Results: you have to be patient and work with it, because its not least not the ones I bought. The treads don't seem to match up tight. My husband suggested I use teflon (spelling) tape or plastic bag as the tape. I did the latter, but maybe I will locate the actual tape, because it didn't work.
    I have to put the coke bottles as tight as it wants to go on the waterers and turn them and secure them to the cage, hoping it doesn't all come apart and that the chickens get enough of the bowl to have the benefit.
    In theory, this idea would have been great for me. I keep brooders in the coop, so that any wastetage can fall to the ground and be consumed by my laying flock, so I was contemplating putting many brooders up, hanging from the rafters, which I can make with mainly wire and clamps, to use for rabbits, quail, chicks or jail whenever the need arrives. Naturally I would have wanted waterers that I could have filled from outside, considering the space in each cage being comprimised and the amount of cages I was thinking of having.
    Well, I am on my 'off time' now and I will locate the tape and try it, but certainly some of you have had my current problem and might be able to assist me with a possible solution. How can I make my 2 liter waterers work for me?

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    The treads don't seem to match up tight

    Try some different brands.

    When bottle feeding lambs, I've found Pepsi or Mt Dew bottles fit the nipples better than Coke bottles​
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    Quote:Try some different brands.

    When bottle feeding lambs, I've found Pepsi or Mt Dew bottles fit the nipples better than Coke bottles

    Correct--different manufacturers use different thread/cap combinations. Even within the same brand, the local bottling plant could use something different than the one in the next state.

    And what might work for you this year might not work in a couple years when the bottle wears out and you need to replace it.

    (former softdrink industry wife)

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