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    Wife picked this up today for $25, this is in my garage, which is heated, and dry.
    I may have to keep my new Bantams in here for a month or so. The cage is 2ft X4ft X32 inches high. The garage can be kept above freezing but do not want to make it too warm in there. I am thinking of keeping it around 35 to 40 f, or should I let them stay cooler with no heat on in there, it could get down to 24f.
    This won't be for long, will have an all weather coop ready within the month.....RR

  2. RonC

    RonC Songster

    Feb 28, 2012
    Temperature would depend on how feathered they are and whether they are acclimated to the cold. Being out of the wind is a big bonus though.
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    Hi, the birds are all feathered out, living in an unheated coop in my area,and it is now winter, as we had an early snow storm yesterday, thanx to the state of Colorado....LOL
    Here is my temp coop, for my new shooks, figure I would squeeze in 10-15 birds, standing shoulder to shoulder, might be hard to sleep, but, oh never mind, I am joking.....LOL
    3-4 banties will go in here, for a short time, hopefully no longer than a month or so...

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