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Cal. White ? Tetra Tint ? or Austra White ???

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Wetherwell, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Wetherwell

    Wetherwell Out Of The Brooder

    Nov 28, 2011
    Two weeks ago I bought some chicks ( OMG I love love love them ) from my local TSC.

    There was a trough of yellow pullets that had a sign saying they had the potential of being a) barred rock b) RIR c ) Isa Brown or d) Black sex link

    well the chicks were neither one of those breeds that were listed as potential breeds.

    The chicks were a super light yellow with little black specs all thru out their bodies. Even one of them has a black spec on each side of it's beak which I thought was pretty neat lookin'.

    Anyway, for a few days I've been reading different threads of BYC and I see people asking the same thing I did.... what is this breed ? yellow chicks with black specks.

    I've read ( and saw photos ) of Cal. Whites, Tetra Tints and now a new one to me, Austra Whites chicks.

    They all look similar to me except for the Austra white chicks look a really nice yellow and the Tetra Tints ( which is what I believe I have ) are a really light yellow and the Cal Whites look a light yellow as well . Of course they all have the little black specks or spots on them.

    I know my chicks came from Mt Healthy according to the store asst. Manager but he never has heard of the Cal Whites or Tetra Tints.

    Mt Healthy website doesnt have Cal Whites or Austra Whites listed but do have Tetra Tints.

    Would I be "safe" LOL to believe , without a doub,t that my girls are Tetra Tints ?

    Or does Mt Healthy really carry the Cal Whites and or Austra Whites that I am not seeing on their site ?

    Did I mention that I love my chicks [​IMG] ??

    I am official NUTS about my babies according to my hubby LOL... I ended up with 20. I did have 21 but one died ....

    I have 6 "production reds" , 5 of what I believe are tetra tints, 3 EE'ers , 3 black sex liks, 2 Amber Links , 1 Isa Brown plus my 6 adult Buff Orpington hens........

    And yup, we had to buld another coop and buy more kennels.........but I want MORE MORE MORE hehe....
  2. Wetherwell

    Wetherwell Out Of The Brooder

    Nov 28, 2011
    I sent some photos to Mt Healthy and they replied that it looks like one of thier Tetra Tints.

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