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Mar 13, 2008
East South Central (West KY)
I saw some reptile sand at a local pet supply store that was made from calcium carbonate (the active ingredient in Tums) that is supposedly safer than regular silica-based sand. Has anyone ever tried providing this calcium carbonate sand for your chickens as a calcium supplement instead of the crushed oyster shells? It seems to me that it would be a good substitution; it's rather pricey but weighs a lot less and would be much easier to handle than the oyster shell (which for some strange reason is difficult to depend on having here in steady supply; the feed store I usually get it from runs out and then doesn't have any for a couple of weeks). Thoughts?
well, I know that sand is not good for reptiles- it can cause blockages in their intestines when they ingest it- even though it claims to be safe, it isn't.

I would be worried about the same thing happening with my chickens. You can get oyster shell at the pet store too.
Thanks for the input! I appreciate it.
I buy a grit similar to that at the pet stores that is for small birds ( parakeets, finches) that I give to my quail and now my baby chicks. It's nice and small for the chicks. Seems to be fine, I've had no problems and it was less than a dollar for a box that is @ 2lbs. I would think it would be fine for Chickens and serve as a grit and calcium supplement. My chickens have
sand in their run and have no problems with it.

I give my chicks some to prevent pastiness. It really works. It is better than regular sand because it can dissolve. I also keep hermit crabs so I need it for more than one reason.
Where I buy my layer they put calcium carbonate in the layer itself as a ingredient during the mixng process for the calcium content to be higher. They sell bags of it for 5.00$ for 50 lbs. Much cheaper than any pet store

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