Calcium suppliments


10 Years
Apr 7, 2009
I got my first egg yesterday! So now, my question is are my chickens going to get enough calcium from the layer feed or do I need to suppliment? I have been saving cleaned egg shells and wondered if I can pulverize these and put them in the feed. Would this be enough or do I still need to purchase oyster shell?
Now that I've switched to layer feed, do I need to provide grit or will my girls get enough from scratching around in the dirt in their run?

Yes let them have the eggshell freechoice. I made a small feeder for this. They won't eat it if they don't need it. I also have free choice oystershell but they won't touch the oystershell if eggshell is available. Good Luck and congrats on the first egg.
And yes they will get their own grit from the ground. (unless you have clay for dirt). If your worried about them not having enough available you can throw some sand in the run.
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If you put a separate little container in there with your calcium supplement in it so your birds can get it if they need it, that should be sufficient. Whether or not your birds can get enough grit out of your run depends on what's in your run. I would do free choice grit as well. I saw someone on here who uses a 2-sided dog dish and puts oyster shell in one side and grit in the other and and leaves it in the enclosure so the chickens can help themselves. I think that's a great idea.

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