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    Dec 30, 2015
    I have two chickens (out of a flock) I need to specifically give calcium/vit b too.

    Is there a specific dose for chickens, so I could custom chop up a human tablet to feed them?

    I can't seem to find a specific tablet for chickens. Only liquid, which won't do in this situation.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Sep 13, 2011
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    Oyster shell or chopped egg shells are fine. Seriously ill birds may need injectable. Eating but deficient chickens do fine with oyster shell.. Mary
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    Why won't a liquid do? If you don't want to drop it in their beak just limit their food first thing and dose the food with the drops, once they consume all the dosed food give them more food...

    This page gives daily calcium requirements for different stages, remember their age appropriate feed is likely going to contain this much calcium already, so don't go overboard on suplimention, say I would say no more then 20% of the values listed as a supplement, unless a vet have you other instructions...

    And if you want to do vitamins

    Poly-Vi-Sol (without iron) is a good multi-vitamin supplement and you can find it in most stores baby isles...

    A simple forum search or Google search will provide you with the dosage generally 3-5 drops a bird...

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