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Apr 17, 2014
Hi! So in about 5 days I get my very first chicks
! I am getting 6 little chicks: 2 rhode island reds, 2 barred rocks, and 2 Orpingtons. They are all hens. I have done a lot of research about the breeds, their first 60 days, food etc. (BYC Learning Center was very helpful) And I am the type of person that is very organized, so I decided to make a calendar of all the things I need to do. I am writing down things like changing litter, lowering the temperature of the brooder, etc. What are the main things you guys (experienced chick owners) would put on the calendar. Thanks for all your help!


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May 19, 2009
If your chicks are being shipped it would be good to have a 4 oz. bottle of Poultry Nutri-Drench
on hand. (7.-10.) It is great for mitigating travel stress which can appear
even a day or so after your chicks arrive. I does not need to be digested. I have used it on my
poultry and collies for over a decade. Here's a fuller explanation: Post number one
Tho Bovidr Labs makes many species-specific formulas of the emergency nutritional supplement,
their science techs told me they meet the scientific standards for a universal donor formula.
So if your Tractor Supply is out of Poultry Nutri-Drench you can use Pet Nutri-Drops with the
same usage and dosage instructions as they gave me in the URL above.
Enjoy your chicks!
Best Regards,
Karen in western PA, USA
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