Calico bantam Cochin cockerels...shipping available!


Star Bright Farm
11 Years
Jul 24, 2008
Brown City, Michigan (Thumb)
I have 3 gorgeous little boys available....$10 each. They range in age from 8-10 weeks old. These cockerels will only get more beautiful as they mature. They will continue to change color their entire first year. All have minimal orange on them at this point, but that will definitely change as they get older. girls available.
For anyone interested in more than 1 of them...cockerels #1 and #2 are currently penned together, so they are "buddies". Cockerel #3 is younger and in a separate pen, so integration with the older boys MIGHT be tricky.

Shipping is available for 2 or more cockerels. Express shipping cost is dependent on weight and destination zip code. It will also include the $20 cost for a new shipping box.

Cockerel #1:

Cockerel #2:

Cockerel #3:


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