Calico Cochin Bantams

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    Mar 15, 2011
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    I just went to a lady that lives nearby to pick up some Blue Marans chicks. Well I got 10 and 2 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicks (1 Cockerel and 1 Pullet). Well she was showing me around the farm and I saw the most amazing thing ever. A pen of calico cochin bantams. Oh they where so beautiful! I was drooling over them and then this lovely woman says "I have some young ones that I can part with" [​IMG]I about cried! Seriously! I have been looking for some for the longest time and here they where. They are so beautiful! I am so excited. The pullets are 3 months old and the little rooster that I got is 9 months. I will get pics asap and see what you all think. This is also my first time owning calicos. And most of you that I see with this color have different colors mixed in with them. I have some babies growing up now from Luckypickens (thank you) and can put some of the hens I get out of them in with them.

    Experts I need advice so that I know how and what colors to breed them with to come out with the best coloring. Thanks!

    Pics coming soon.
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    Hope the pics come in soon!! [​IMG]

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