CALIF...Partridge rocks, australorp FS- PU only


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
California, central area
I have way too many birds and am hatching more...its a disease.

I have 8-9 straight run partridge rocks looks like a 4 to 5 hen/roo ratio. All for $25.00

I have 5 or 6 australorps, again about a 50/50 ratio for $20.00.

The above are 7 weeks old and just ready for a large coop.

I may have some cuckoo marans for sale as a group of 5. Appears to be one roo and 4 hens. FS for $50.00. These are almost 4 months old so will soon be breeding/laying.

I'm in the Modesto area. Pick up only
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