California eggs?

I have Silver Spangled Hamburg eggs. Also chicks
I'm in the San Fernando valley. PM me if you are interested.

Also, On the Spot has hatching eggs, you should talk to her. She's an hour east of me and I drove out and got the most beautiful BC Marans eggs from her as well as BBS silkie and some neat mixes. All due to hatch this thursday.
On the top, next to Index, click on User list. It will give an alphabetical listing of all the registered users. I think it's actually onthespot with no spaces. Good luck! Not interested in Hamburgs, huh? Lol
Onthespot, at your service!
I have Copper Black Marans and barred olive eggers laying right now available, as well as other
other miscellaneous eggs that have a long waiting lists

If you want to see pics of the parent birds you can see my website
I'll be happy to help you out. You can PM me for details. Fertility has been excellent and people are getting great hatches from eggs I wasn't even expecting that great from due to moult, heat, late in season. Most people that are picking up in person are getting near 100% hatches right now. Go figure!
Standard Hamburgs (but even the standards are very small- hens are only maybe 4 lbs, rooster is 5 probably)
I just have a trio of Hamburgs...had to run out and take some pics- they're camera shy so I did the best I could but I can never get very close to them with a camera
Here's one of my hens

Here's my roo, Huxtable (He's really a sweetheart, he is so gentle with these 5 week old chicks!). Apologies for his hackle feathers- he's recovering from a baaaaaad molt!

Here's the other hen

Here's some of the babies that have hatched out recently (these chicks and 4 more I need to sell by the way)

Are you thinking of picking up eggs? You're really far....or did you just want shipped eggs and didn't want them to ship as far?
hi there onthespot! thanks for making yourself so accessible! can you give me the rundown on what you've got? i may add myself to a few of your waitlists. also, i'd love to see a pic of the barred olive eggers. what is there temperament like? i'm looking for a long term relationship with california egg thinking of spring, etc. especially interested in bantams: cochins, brahmas, silkies, and the standard barred rock... basically, looking for smaller, friendly, cute birds; if they are good layers all the better!


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