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    Jun 26, 2010
    Inspired by AJ666's Fuzzy-Butt Thundering Herd of Wisco. This is about my flock, the four Cali Girls.

    Meet them:

    Gamma Artemis

    Poppy Louise

    Tigerlily Brianna, otherwise known as Lily

    Flutter Cookie

    The second words in their names are their middle names. I'm not posting their (and my) last names for privacy reasons.

    First, personalities.

    Gamma is the head pullet in the flock, has always been. That's why her name's Gamma- it's close to alpha but I didn't like the name Alpha or the name Beta. She'll do anything to make her flock thrive- including leaping in front of a loose labradoodle and squawking to lead it away from her girls (hence her broken tail). She is by far the most mischievous Cali Girl- who else would jump up on a wire hanging from the ceiling and roost there?

    Poppy was a "runt" as a chick. She fit in with the flock, but was the smallest and had a bald pasty butt. She eventually became Gamma's best friend and the beta of the flock. She is now also the biggest Girl. She's not Gamma's little shadow, though. When their leader is incapable of being at the front of the flock, they look to Poppy for guidance.

    Lily is me "left shoulder chicken". Meaning, if I put her on my left shoulder she will make herself comfy and settle down. She won't do that much if she's on my right shoulder. She's not all sweet sugar, though- if I let her stay on my shoulder too long, she poops all over me. I believe she is actually Gamma's biological half-sister.

    Flutter is my "beauty queen". She'll let me tie a small red necktie loosely around her neck for a little while and won't run much if you're trying to catch her- I think so that her feathers won't be ruffled. But she's not a valley girl- okay, I guess she is, but in a different way. She can still be tough and roll in the mud if she wants. My brother says she looks like a rotisserie chicken and I call her "my little hen" because she was the first one to make it past the "awkward stage" of life.

    More stories and pictures to follow.
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    Jun 1, 2009
    Those chooks have some interesting personalities. [​IMG]
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    My Coop
    Pretty Cinnamon Queens!
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    Jun 26, 2010
    Today the girl's mother, Nicole (me), let them out in the morning to scratch and fed them some blueberries, which they swallowed whole. They roamed around the backyard until the human flock had to leave- which meant they had to go into the run. However, they were hunting for bugs in the periwinkle that covers a small hill in the back of the yard (we call it "The Ivy, though there's not much ivy there. It's also the compost pile). Nicole and her brother had to chase them and corner them around the bushes and trees. [​IMG]

    When the human flock got back from their six-hour-trip, Nicole let them out and they waddled through the lawn, pecking at bugs. After about two hours, they resided to their run where they are currently eating a meal of chicken feed. Flutter is standing inside the feeder. and pecking around her feet.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Your a good writer! Thanks for the mention [​IMG]

    Love your birds. I expecially love that pic of your little alpha roosting on wire, too cute!
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    Jun 26, 2010
    Quote:Thanks! That was before the coop was built, when the Girls were living in the garage
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    Jun 26, 2010
    Update for today.

    Today was very different from yesterday. This morning I let the girls out and they scratched and waddled around the yard. Then I had to lock them up in their coop because the human flock needed to go to church. On our way back, we stopped by the grocery store and I bought them six ears of corn. They devoured two today, and I forced my mom to feed them one so that they would gain her trust. They did their normal chicken stuff in the afternoon: thundered around the yard, rolled in the dirt(I have a pic, I'll show you tomorrow), and stood in their food dish while eating. Towards the evening, they took their usual rest-nest-and-preen stop on a small brick wall in my backyard (I have pics of that too) and hunted for bugs in our trampled catmint patch (yep, pics [​IMG] ). Poppy, Gamma, and Flutter retired to the coop to eat a final meal before sleeping, but Lily came looking for me at the house. I gave her a blueberry- which she swallowed whole, thought it was quite big- and walked into the coop with a fresh towel to lie on. All of the Girls but Lily immediately made themselves comfy on a roost, but my dad found some new wood roosts and we propped them against the walls and the original roost. Lily chickened out (very "punny", since she is a chicken :3) so I picked her up and put her on the roost. She enjoyed the new ones we set up and decided to sit in a little V that the new wood sticks made. I lay on the towel watching and talking to them for a while before I read them a bedtime story- the first half of "Catbirds". After that, I lay on the towel and watched them while they "whispered", or clucked softly to each other.

    I haven't gotten the pics on my computer, I'll show them to you tomorrow.
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    GammaPoppyLilyFlutter Love Comes with Feathers

    Jun 26, 2010
    Sorry I haven't written in forever. I was in Minnesota and didn't have time to notify you guys.

    However, here's yesterday

    I came home at 3, so I suppose my brother just let the girls out and fed them corn then locked them up when he and my dad went to pick me up at the airport.

    However, when I got home I let them out and fed them a corn cob. They enjoyed it greatly. Then I held Gamma, Flutter, and Lily (Poppy's really hard to catch). I spotted some poo on the outdoor chair and gave Lily (who I was holding) a lecture about not being naughty and pooping on furniture. She didn't listen, but instead pecked the inside of my lip since I was talking. It hurt. I put her down and let them run around for a few more hours until I went to my friend's house and had to lock them up. They stayed in their run until it got dark then decided to roost.

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