California Gray chickens

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    Jun 8, 2015
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    Im breeding my barred rock rooster with my white leghorn hens to achieve the California Gray chicken. I have a few questions about them.

    What’s the chance of the hens going broody?
    Will they be good foragers?
    How many eggs should I expect a week from each hen?
    Since they are autosexing, what are the differences in the chicks?

    I have some bantam barred rock chicks and a bantam leghorn hen, will I get the same outcome, just bantam?

    Thanks for the knowledge and help!
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  2. redranger209

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    The broodyness should be low, hatchery barred rocks rarely brood, and leghorns very rarely brood. I’m not sure about the autosexing, but I think it’s one gender barred the other white. An egg 6/7 days a week should be expected, but you’ll probably get more. It should be the same for bantams.
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    Very low chances for broody
    They'll probably be very good foragers
    6/7 eggs per week
    The cockerel chicks will have a large white spot on the head and the females will barely have any mark on the head
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