California Quail hatchlings


Jul 6, 2018
They hatched this morning and have been SO loud this afternoon. I put water in the incubator in a very shallow lid with pebbles. They immediately went to it and drank. I ground up some starter the feed store sold me. Ate it like they were starving. The feed is only 18% protein and I am reading that they need it higher. What can I add for more protein until I can get a different feed for them?
You could try mashing up some boiled egg for them, almond flour or something similar, until you can get the right food. We also sprinkled some yeast as a B vitamin supplement. And you might be able to get live bugs at a pet store (usually fed to pet reptiles)....
Scrambled up some egg and oh boy do they love that.
Checked them this morning when I got up, all was good.
Looked again about half hour later and OMG another one hatched!
So now there are three little cuties in there. There is one more egg but who knows if it will hatch.
This is just so amazing.
And I sure do thank you all for all your comments and advice!!!
It is so appreciated!

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