California Valley Quail Incubation

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    Sep 21, 2014
    Hi there,

    I have placed my order for a dozen fertile California Quail eggs and they will be ready and sent to me in roughly a weeks time. I would like some advice on the incubation temperature, humidity and length of incubation for this type of quails eggs.

    I have done some searching and came up short with results. The results that I have found seem to vary.

    The results I trust the most are on the following website:

    which states that: Incubation period is 22 to 23 days at 99.5° and 60 to 65% Humidity, stop turning on the 20th day and raise humidity to 80 to 85%

    Please provide me with information on weather this is correct or not if you have previously incubated California quails.

    Thank you, Michelle Banks.
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    Edit to add: what concerns me on the website you linked is that they don't bother to mention that the humidity number they give is wet bulb. Most people don't use that method they use a hygrometer and if you just directly used their incubation numbers with a hygrometer it would be a huge waste of eggs.
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