California: White Silkies- 2 Mihalik hens, one green egger, 1 showgirl

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  1. Kev

    Kev Overrun With Chickens

    Jan 13, 2008
    Sun City, California
    Selling all silkies and showgirls. Auction is for ALL birds.

    2 white hens- came direct from George Mihalik(hens had crests trimmed, that is why it looks funny, especially on one):


    One hen- lays greenish eggs, was part of attempt at breeding colored egger silkies:


    One pullet, hatched from green/bluish egg so there is a 50% chance she will lay green eggs:


    One black Showgirl:


    One rooster. He's on the small side, could be good if you want to reduce the size of your silkies:


    Pictures were taken today(Nov 10).

    Would much rather sell all 6 birds as a group.. PM me if you are interested in the green egger hen or the pullet to use for "colored egger silkies" program.

    Pick up or meet somewhere in Riverside/San Bernardino counties, only- please talk to me first if you want to meet somewhere. I often meet people at my father's house in Loma Linda for persons from LA and Desert areas. No shipping.
  2. prancyhorse

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    Sep 21, 2009
    mocksville n.c.
    i will buy the mahalick hens. send boxes and pay all shipping cost. please let me know karen

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