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    I have an 11 month old PROVEN Californian buck (Cotton) OR a 7 month old JUNIOR Californian buck (Turbo) I'd like to trade for any large-breed (mutts too) buck with some color (i.e. Rex, Chinchilla, Checkered Giant, Flemish, etc)

    Cotton is Turbo's sire and I just don't have room for them both-too many related rabbits in my hutches right now.

    Ideally, I'd like them to be under a year (anything right at a year must be a proven breeder) and either be large or come from large parents. (my breeding does are at 20lbs, so I need a big buck)

    I would HIGHLY recommend Turbo if you have junior does or very small does, as Cotton is HUGE and throws big litters of BIG babies.

    I am open to any trade as long as the buck has some color or interesting pattern-I breed for pets and meat so I really don't mind mutts at all-sometimes they are the best ones anyway!

    I am located in Buna, TX-about 45 minutes north of Beaumont and about an hour south of Jasper.

    I'd prefer communicating via text message, as I am not always available online and I don't usually answer calls from unknown numbers. I can send better pics of either buck. 832-514-0188

    If needed, I can meet to swap rabbits-I will not meet at your house, it has to be somewhere public.

    Thank you for any help and happy swapping folks!

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