Call duck offspring: what to expect?

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    Sep 26, 2016
    Ok so I'm buying call ducks hatching eggs off this person and they have every color in the book and they all free range together. Are any of the ducks going to grow up to not look like a true color? Meaning they grow up and have all sorts of coloring on their feathers? Or will there be half true colors (feather wise) and half mixed colors?


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    Oct 6, 2016
    If one allows different colors of call ducks to breed in indiscriminately, you will get ducks that may resemble specific colors, but one will also get several "off colored" ducks. Here are a few reasons knowledgeable breeders frown upon "mixing" of call colors. Besides the off colored ones, the ducks that look like one of the standard colors, can carry recessive genes for multiple generations, and when they "pop up" into a serious breeders lines, that spells trouble. Many a breeder has had to scrap a line and years of hard work, due to unwanted recessive genes finding their way into the gene pool.

    Also, the offspring of "mixed flocks" usually tend to be larger than parents, have longer bills, necks and legs. In essence they tend to drift back towards mallard size and shape, which is almost opposite of what a nice call ducks looks like, which is due to knowledgeable breeders selecting breeders are traits that fit the standard of perfection.

    Attaching a pic of our striking silver mallards and a few pics of some of our beautiful colorful call duck varieties. This way one can see the difference in body type and some of the amazing colors out there. [​IMG]






    Hope this helps. Enjoy you ducks.

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