Call Duck with yolk not absorbed

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  1. Well today was day 27 for my gray call ducks. One died in the shell, so I decided that I should help out the call duckling. I broke open the air sac and the membrane was completely dry (they were incubated under silkies). So I wet the membrane and peeled it back. There was some blood. Then I noticed that there was a big yolk sac not absorbed. Later when the duck comes out I will put half of its body in a sandwich bag and leave its head and chest out. I did that last year and the duckling survived. Wish me luck.
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    OMGosh good luck! [​IMG]
  3. Well, I just checked on it and I cant tell if it is alive or dead. I thought it moved but maybe not. [​IMG]

    ETA: Its ALIVE!!!! [​IMG] The sandwich bag acts like an incubator, like what they put babies in when they are premies. It also keeps the humidity up so that the duckling can absorb the rest of the yolk.
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    Call ducks should take 28 days, so it was a little early for it to be hatching.
    If you do try helping them out too early, you can leave them int he incubator. That will give the best chance of survival.
  5. No, Call ducks hatch at around 26-27 days. They are smaller than regular ducks, so they hatch earlier. The air sac membrane was completely dry anyway, so it would have died, at least this way it has a 50-50 chance. My calls always hatch out at day 26-27 under their mothers. I have 10 call duck eggs hatching this saturday under their mother.

    How long do Call ducks eggs take to hatch?

    They generally take 26-27 days. This is in contrast to the larger ducks which take 28-29.

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    That may be but if the yolk sac was not absorbed it was too early.
    No matter what anyone says, the duckling will hatch when it is ready. Temps, humidity and human error will often make a hatch late or early.
  7. The eggs were started out under a broody silkie, which I will NEVER do again. There wasnt enough humidity from the broody hen, so the air sac was totally dry, so it was going to die. At least this way the duckling has a chance.
  8. Well, it died.

    I went and checked my other 3 eggs under a booted bantam hen, they are on day 23. 1 egg is dead, and 1 is starting to break through the air sac. Isnt that too early?
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    sprinkle or mist some warm water on them. Since they are being sat on by a hen and not a duck they don't get the extra humidity that they need. This might help them hatch.
  10. Yup Julie08, I am going to do that other 2 eggs that are under my hen.

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