CALL Ducks are laying! White and Magpie - 6 eggs


Morning Gem Farm
11 Years
Oct 3, 2008
east central Ohio
I have a lovely combined flock of pure White along with Magpie call ducks from a quality Ohio breeder who was participating in shows until she sold out her poultry farm. One Magpie drake and 3 hens. Two White drakes and 3 hens. They are now laying, and I've got enough in my own incubator.

I can't guarantee extras, but will try to add at least one.

Calls (really waterfowl in general) can be tricky to hatch, so know what you are bidding on and know that while fertility seems good here, I can't guarantee what shipping will do to eggs and hatch rates. I will pack with bubble wrap and plenty of cushion. Please rate this sale on delivery and not on hatching results.

Shipping will be $10. I'll ship through express USPS within 3 days of payment through PayPal or receipt of money order and send you a shipping notice.

My flock is NPIP tested by the state of Ohio.

Here they are still dirty from very few winter baths.

This was the flock back in the Fall.

Pampered Chicken

10 Years
Oct 25, 2009
Darn. I wish this was a 24hr auction. I have duck eggs going in on Thursday and would love to add these.

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