Call ducks,How old to expect seeing eggs.


8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
Brainerd, MN
The ducks were hatched on March 13th. How long before I should expect seeing eggs? I have no curl tails yet, are Calls different from large ducks?
To the best of my knowledge calls are seasonal layers unlike many domestic breeds.
I wouldn't be expecting eggs till next year. Ducks hate summer weather and will stop laying completely or only lay a couple eggs.
Calls are seasonal layers and lay during certain parts of the year unless the weather is perfect for laying eggs.
I got eight babies in March a year ago. One drake and two hens lived. I have them in a covered former dog kennel so the floor is concrete and I can wash it and keep it clean. There is an indoor and outside run. On the inside I never turn the light off. I took $1 plastic 12"x6" wash pans and cut the front out and tacked them to the wall. Then I "stole" some fake greenery from my mom's house and tacked that in between each. Couldn't even keep any shavings in them but it didn't matter. They laid at 8 months (November in Arkansas)

Fed them 1/4 scratch grain and 3/4 22% layer pellet at around 4 months and had my first egg in November (8 months). After trial and error failing 4 settings, I finally hatched 4 out of 8 eggs in a Hova-Bator Incubator the last of December. 2nd generation in 9 months.

Today I have 51 out of one drake/two hens, a year and two months later. My hatch rate is near 70%. I' now have 3 Hova-Bators in my basement (the kind with the fan) and I turn them myself 3-4 times a day. Auto turners do not work with ducks. Most hatch on their own, but when it gets to the end of day 28, I open the shell and break the membrane. Survival rate of those I have to help is around 50%.
I just started to feed them some waterfowl breeder pellets with their starter crumbles. Right now I'm at half and half. I figured I would stick withthis until they are 6 months old. They are able to free range during the day with my young pullets. Other wise they are also in a dog kennel until this weekend cause my brother needs it back for his dog.

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