Call Ducks, humidity, and a tuck-tailed hen ;P

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by laurencia98, May 11, 2010.

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    I am new to the forum and have a two part question.

    1. Does anybody have a general answer as to the humditiy level that is ideal for call ducks? My machine (GQF Genesis) runs between 55% and 65% (digital reading) with humdity dropping pretty rapidly when I open it. Should I mist them at that level of humidity? Should I let them rest outside the incubator for a few minutes each day? This is my first time hatching calls, but I have some experience with pekins and swedish hatching.

    2. I have a Pekin hen that is "tucking" her tail. Sometimes, it looks like she's trying to stand on her toes with her tail tucked. She isn't down, and is eating and drinking normally. What could be her problem? My first thought was that she has been over mated, so I seperated her. Any more thoughts?

    Thanks again, and hope to post updates with my hatches. I have Pekins, mallards, black swedish, mixed backyard laying chicken hens---and today, I'm going to pick up some new muscovy ducklings [​IMG]

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    There are some good threads here about incubating call duck eggs (something I have yet to try!). You can find them by doing a search.
    I'm not sure about your Pekin. The best I can do is give this a bump! [​IMG]
    Have fun with your muscovy ducklings!

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