Calling all Creative Geeks!! Automating THIS coop door?

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    I thought I was a big enough geek to figure this one out, but it's time to call in for help from the REAL experts on the message board!!!!

    Engineering types, how do you recommend automating one of these outward-swinging doors on the side of my newly-built midcentury modern chicken coop?? Both open for cleaning, but I need one to open to let the girls out for free-ranging at dawn, and close up again at dusk.


    The following are my constraints / criteria:

    1. Must operate on one of these existing doors (lightweight painted wood siding mounted on 30 inch piano hinges)

    2. Uses solar power

    3. Cost <=$300, including solar panel

    4. Accommodates a timer

    5. Existing aesthetics must be maintained (i.e., components shouldn't be visible from the outside of the coop, excepting the solar panel)

    The more specific the better (that is, links to actual products and components are ideal). THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!
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    I got some plans drawn up for you. If you want to shoot me a email then I can send them to you.

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