CALLING all Delaware owners?!


13 Years
Jun 26, 2009
in Wisconsin somewhere
ok I have looked and looked but I still haven't found my answer. My question is, How long does it take a delaware to get to its heaviest weight? Every place says how big they get but not how long it takes to get that big. We're looking for a self sufficiant meat bird. Thanks for the help
About 24 weeks with mine to COMPLETELY bulk up. If they were contained and not running crazy all the time protecting everybdy from the squirrels...maybe a bit less time
A good pellet gun will solve the squirrel problem. Skin, crock pot on low with a couple cans of cream of mushroom, and some biscuits life's good.

posted pictures of my boys today, three at 16 weeks and one at 24 weeks. The 24 week old looks tasty (alas, he's being saved for breeding,) and one of the three 16 week olds is close to there, but I would probably hold him 'til 18 weeks if I were going to butcher him. He, too, is being saved though BECAUSE of his faster weight gain and bulkier frame. I want to encourage that in the next generation!

All of these boys have been on 16% feed, too. If they were on grower, even the smallest ones might be close to ready for the pot.
I'm not an expert but I have 2 Roos and they will get bigger than they are now, mine are about 7 months old and they are huge and they are starting to grow spurs. I have to keep them in the pen because they chase everyone including my golden retriever. I'll try to post some picks.
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