Calling all Poultry Judges and Bantam Cochin Breeders


Aug 12, 2021
Ur mom's house
I have been thinking about buying a trio of Millie Fluer bantam cochins. Currently I am not able to get photos of them but when I can I will post them.

But right now I can paint a good picture for you.
Things about the roo I dont like= his comb is not perfect. It starts out straight then instead of pointing straight at the end it turns slightly to the left. His color seems fine. I have never bred Millie fluer cochins before so I'm not sure. His tail is not really fat like its supposed to be. In my opinion this is a rooster you would begin with.

Things about the females I do not like= the females feather condition is just horrible because the rooster is clearly a cockerel and is not the gentlest during mating. But they have WAY better combs then the male. Their colors look pretty flashy, but since the condition of the feathers, I'm not so sure it's the right color. They currently have no tails because of the male.

What would you do? Should I risk losing money on a new project? They may not be perfect but they might produce nice offspring I could work with....

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