Calling all truck experts....need advice on pulling power

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by chickenzoo, Feb 14, 2013.

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    I just sold my two bp steel trailers, a two horse and a three horse. I got a good deal on a three horse aluminum...but surprise surprise it weights about... if not slightly more then my steel three horse. I have a Chevy 1500 extended cab that did fine before,I only use a horse trailer once in awhile .....but would like to be safer pulling, so was thinking of upgrading as it would be nice to pull my 20 ft heavy flatbed with rolls of hay etc etc if needed... Can you explain the pulling power of the 1500, 2500, 3500 etc etc... Never had diesel...or a dually.....don't know anything about them either.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Definately upgrade to a 2500 or 3500. It will haul better then the 1500.
    If you have never had a diesel I wouldn't get one. We own only diesels. If you buy a used one and know nothing about them you can get the shaft pretty quickly.

    DH "The pulling power of an 1500 is lower because it is higher geared to travel the highways and not pull a heavy load. A 2500 is geared lower to pull a heavier load and have the torgue behind it. The 3500 is built heavier and has a heavier power train and is build to pull a heavier load. A dually is even heavier recommended to pull goose neck trailers with heavy loads."

    We like our diesels to have the standard tranmission. Even though our crew cab has the tow haul for the automatic I don't like it.
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    Quote: It is the same. All can be had with the same power plants, gear boxes an gear ratios.

    How much weight they can hold in the bed is what those numbers stand for. A 1500 is a half ton truck. A 2500 is a 3/4 ton truck. An a 3500 is a one ton truck.

    The larger numbers have better breaks usually an cause they dont flex as much can control trailers easier.

    Chevy rates the 1500 at pulling up to 10K with a good hitch. An I have done that many times. That is probably the max legal limit you can pull on a standard drivers license.

    They rate the 2500 at 13K.

    An they rate the 3500 at 14K.

    If you want to hall hay I would get a 3500 dully diesel cause of control an stopping power not cause it will pull better.

    Look on you DL though cause I bet your max weight is a 10K trailer.

    A 3500 also may require you to get commercial insurance. My brother had to on his.
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    Ill check into that...thank you both. The new trailer is 3900lbs. Horses if I pulled all three at one time would be maybe 3000lbs. Then tack room.stuff and.people in the truck. ...I think id still be under 10k....
    Trailer has breaks...not sure if it has it one one axle or two...trying to find out info on it. Its a 2007 Sundowner that only had horses in it twice...and still has all the stickers on

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