Calling all turkey colour experts.... Blue narangasett?? (Pics)


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Feb 5, 2010
Mary Valley QLD.
I have a poult that is narangasett, but the patterning is different shades of blue? Is this colour recognised, or have I hit the jackpot?
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It sounds like you have a bird that is recessive slate. Apparently the recessive slate gene still exists in Australian flocks but is now gone in the US, or at least it hasn't been reported in a very long time. Kevin Porter of Porters Turkeys (and a member here) is trying to bring them back to the States. Haven't heard if he's been successful. So, to us American turkey breeders, you hit the jackpot!

Upon reading your post again, when you say poult , were you describing a newly hatched bird or one that has feathered out already?
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This bird is about 3 months old now..... when it hatched it was yellow with blue spots on the back of the neck and back, I think it's a young hen, was hoping for a gobbler..... I'll put some pics up for you guys.
Well sure it's blue, but what about the patterning? I have hatched a few blues, but never any with the patterning like this one, and when the blues hatched they were blue with the wild type pattern, but this one was yellow with blue dots down the back.
Im confused to me the first pic of the mother looks like a blue slate to me. I have both breeds and here in the states Narangasetts look nothing like that.
Yes the mother is blue, but dad is what I think is narangasett coloured, well not 100% sure but after reaserching they were the clostest colour I could find, here is a pic of the mother of the father of the poult (if that makes sense LOL)

The poult next to her is the father of this poult.

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