Calling for advice on all Polish chicken parents :)


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Jan 13, 2008
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i am now on the McMurray website, wanting to buy some polish eggs for hatching , as i have two broody hens at this present time, have set 14 eggs with two lil banty broodys sitting on them, but i want to order some polish eggs from McMurray, have ordered chicks from them before with 100% success rate, any feed back on ordering eggs to hatch and anything special i need to know about polish chickens??? any advice would be greatly appreciated


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I had a pair of white crested black polish. I lost the roo to a mishap in the coop, a RIR fell on him from the roost and broke his neck.They are a little 'different' from the rest of my chickens. Very isolated from the rest. They rarely ever leave the coop. The hen is the most lovable of all my breeds. She will come right up to me when I am feeding and watering. And they got along with the others just fine. My Buff orp hen will even allow her to come into the nest and lay at the same time.

Very docile birds. I recommend them highly. My hen lays cute little white eggs about 4-5 times a week.



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Feb 1, 2008
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I bought polish from a guy a month ago, who was selling them because they were getting hen pecked on their crests, leaving bald spots. Other chickens can be quite mean to polish, which is why the other person mentioned isolated. Their crest limits their visual field so they can't dodge as well. My hens are mostly pecking at the rooster who still has a bloody crest, but they are leaving the hens alone and they are growing their feathers back on their crowns. But they are SSOOOO sweet and tame. I have had no problems with the rooster who is getting bolder, but usually runs away from me.

I am hatching their first batch of chicks tonight! My first hatch ever! So far the two out of the shell are doing fair, the polish seems to be steadier on its feet than the polish/BR cross. CUTE little guys! The polish reminds me of one of those dinosaurs with the domes on their heads except with fur. You can already see a crest and the nice deep nostrils that make it unique. He/She was the first to pip and had no trouble zipping out, but was pretty floppy and wobbly for the first hour.

Good luck!

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The polish chicken is not the most hardiest of breeds. They are mostly smaller and finer in the body. The roos can and do get to be big bruisers and they can see a whole lot better than the hens because of the v shaped combs they eventually get.

I have lost every darn one of my white crested hens and roos.

some to disease but mostly to the pecking of the other chickens on their pointy little heads.

They are very "chatty" and gentle creatures.


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I love mine. I have 5 hens and 2 roos that are Polish. The roo is the perfect roo to the whole flock of 13. Mine are docile, even the roos. They're goofy, and I have one who insists on being held all the time and won't go to bed unless I pick her up and put her on the roost. I really like them

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