Calling you experts! What's this crazy bird's breed???


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009


She's about 18 weeks old and a complete mystery. She loves to fly and is quite good at it. She's also sweet as a button~ but we can't figure out her breed. Any ideas???
Definately brown leghorn she looks just like the 5 I have and mine are CRAZY!! They love to buzz the other birds when they are out in the run and drive them bonkers!
Sweet birds but kinda flighty at least mine are. I am trying to withhod final judgement on them until I see how they are going to be as layers. Mine are approaching 18 weeks also.
If the other birds let them live long enough to begin laying!!! BG my RIR roo is beginning to get a very "I'm king of this forest" type tude with them everytime they buzz him.
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Wow- I think you all are right! I looked up Brown Leghorn and they looks identical to my little one.

Hee hee- flighty is right!

Thank you!! I thought she might be a Welsummer but I thought her comb was too long... I've never been a white egg eater so this will be a first.

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