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    I currently have three 1 month old calls and today I will be getting 2 older (I think under a year) cayugas. I have 25 various types of chickens from Belgian Quails to RIR and BR. For over a week I have been putting the calls in with the chickens for a half hour or so a couple of times a day, but I don't leave them alone. I sit outside of the run to make sure no one hurts the calls. Everything has been fine. They almost never pay any attention to the calls anymore. My thinking was the earlier the exposure the better.
    But today (Sat) someone is giving me two older cayugas. My first question is, is anyone aware of how calls and cayugas get along? Second concern is putting them in with the chickens!? Due to space, my hope is to eventually have them all in the same run. Would that be ok or should I make a totally different run for the ducks? What about putting them all in the same enclosure at night?

    I know this is a lot of questions but I'm fairly new to all of this and I want to do the right thing!

    Thanks in advance,
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    Let me try to answer you best I can [​IMG]
    The cayugas are young, just matured. You or I can do a search of my posts to actually calculate how old they are when i got them. In fact, i will do that after I type this. They currently live with two runners, three muscovies, three mallards and three hens, and two pigeons. Everyone gets along okay except my runner tries to mate with every thing there is. My dogs come outside when i am out there, and they are alert- but not freaked out. I also have an old maine coon who goes outside with me, and walks the yard and she will go right up through them, no problems. I also have a fiftyfive pound tortoise that roams the yard and shares the shallow pond when he wants a soak. They dont bother him, and he doesnt care about them- they keep an eye on him, but are no longer scared of him.

    I have a fenced off 20' X15' yard with a chicken coop and a great big plastic swimming pool inside it. I feed them in there, and at night they go in there on their own. This yard opens up to a seperate approx 15' by 20' yard that is grass/bushes/flowers and park benches...and a smaller plastic kiddie pool. I let them out in that part of the yard during the day when I cant watch them or nobody is going to be home- however, most of the time I open up those gates and let them go back by my garden and I have a long drainage ditch and shallow pond that they spend most of the day in. The cayugas love love love the water and that is where you can find them most all of the time.

    The black cayuga (Psyduck) is a pretty tough girl- she doesnt pick on anyone, but she doesnt let anyone pick on her either. She absolutely will not let the runner mate with her- and the grey guy (Opie) stresses if they are too far apart in the yard and he finds her and stays near her all the time. He makes a little raspy sound, but not often. She, on the other hand, can wake the dead. Neither one have ever tried to pick on my chickens or other ducks. When I first introduced the muscovies, they were small, and the other ducks ran them off but nobody was actually harmed- eventually, the muscovies grew (and grew and grew) and feathered in, and they were accepted as part of the flock. I really don't think the cayugas will do any harm to the calls- once they are big enough to be "ducks", lol.
    Just make sure the cayugas have adequate swimming or you will hear how unhappy Psyduck is- she has me trained very well, and I know I have to go open the gate for her when I hear her honking in the morning. [​IMG]
    I currently feed them pelleted food, and they love cherry tomatoes(will run around trying to gobble up a whole big tomato also) and peas and watermelon is the ultimate treat around here- everyone gobbles it up. I have also given cantalope as a treat but while they eat it, it is not loved like half a watermelon!
    Opie cant fly due to being huge and having angel wing, and Psyduck cant fly either though they both pretend they can. They run and flap and stand up tall and flap and it makes me laugh. The mallards fly circles around the yard in the sky, and they all flap- but only the mallards get off the ground and actually fly here.
    I havent seen any eggs yet- I found one egg in the water but I have no idea who laid it. it was probably my female runner. I will go figure out how old they are right now, though.
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    WOW that's great information!! My little calls, although small, won't let anyone pick on them, probably why the chickens won't go near them. I let them walk around the yard, but only when I'm near them because they want to go this way and that and I'm afraid they'll get lost. Two of them are about half feathered in. The smallest one isn't even trying to feather in as much. Grr.

    Food won't ever be a problem. My bf says I spoil all our animals whether it's a chicken or a dog. Garden veggies are very popular around here. The calls LOVE peas and corn. I'll pick up some pellet food today because right now the calls are getting a mixture of the non-medicated starter and the flock raiser I feed the chickens. I'm thinking they might be able to chew the pellets now too.

    We don't have any nature made water supply close by, but today my bf is going to be digging a hole and putting plastic in it for a swimming "pool".

    I'm confused, is that other one a cayuga or runner? Doesn't matter to me, just curious [​IMG]

    SO excited!! I can't thank you enough!!! [​IMG]
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    They are both cayugas. Opie looks just like the grey ones on Boggy Bottom Bantams website. [​IMG] She confirmed for me that that is what they are. [​IMG]
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    Ok cool! It's also nice that they aren't that far apart in age from my calls! [​IMG]

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